Artists Working Live During Artwalk 2022

During Artwalk, the following artists will work LIVE in Edgewood Park!

Frank Bruckmann: Painting plein-air 
Chris Ferguson: Plein-air painting 
Sara Zunda: Demonstrating the digital illustration process
Dan Gries: Algorithmic Art without the Computer
Kate Henderson: Plein-air painting

Frank Bruckmann
Frank will be painting plein-air in Edgewood Park.
Frank Bruckmann’s Website


Chris Ferguson
Chris will be plein-air painting in Westville Village at Central Ave and Fountain Street.
Chris Ferguson’s  Website


Sara Zunda
Sara will be demonstrating her digital illustration process while creating new work in Edgewood Park. 
Sara Zunda’s  Website


Dan Gries
Dan will be demonstrating “Algorithmic Art without the Computer.”
Dan Gries’ Website

“I’m planning on having a few different things with which people can help me build—paint pens on paper, and maybe also some physical objects like buttons or tile pieces—where we will use well-defined rules to add shapes to an evolving picture. “


Kate Henderson
Kate will be painting in the park.
Kate Henderson’s Website

“Painting to me is about creating a sacred place that uses forms of the natural world and describes the mysticism and the narratives of life. I work between realms of the primal and the reactive, intuitive nature versus the intellect. Frequent themes in my paintings include feminism, mythology, passages, and memories. Using a combination of gestural and contour line, I translate elements of the natural world into a place of imagined passages.”

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